Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Week(s) in Instagram

Took a little blogging break. The weather's been gorgeous, so we've been outside a lot, and then I got this horrendous cold, so the blogging mojo just hasn't been there. Hopefully I'll be back around these parts a little more frequently soon :)

Here's a taste of our last three weeks in Instagram...

FINALLY got the whole family on the van. :)

 Enjoying some time at the park with Aunt Abby.

 Morning conversations with Daddy.

 I don't even. :)

 Flowers for Mom's birthday.

 All these little people...

 Trying these for my knees.
Photo-bombed myself.

 No clue where he gets this from.

 First time ice skating. Good times :)

The rain couldn't ruin our March for Babies :)

 Watching "The Funnies" with Daddy.

 That's a full playmat.

 Brothers :)

 Mimi brings out the crazy.

 Free lunch at work from the local radio station.

 Moments like these give me hope that they'll be friends some day.

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