Monday, May 13, 2013

Our Week in Instagram

Sunday 5/5/13: A new tree for the front yard.
The pretty purple flowers were already gone two days later.

 Sunday 5/5/13: Exhausted on the way home from cousin Gary's
 first communion. We don't see him like this often.

Tuesday 5/7/13: Cheesin' under his quilt, made by the late great PooPoo.
 Wednesday 5/8/13: Brotherly tolerance love.

 Wednesday 5/8/13: Who's photoboming who?

 Thursday 5/9/13: Aiden's shiner. He apparently ran into another kid 
because he was wearing his sunglasses indoors. {SIGH}

 Friday 5/10/13: Pretty much my most favorite thing 
Aiden has brought home from preschool. :)

 Sunday 5/12/13: My Mother's Day gifts--all of them :)

 Sunday 5/12/13: More brotherly tolerance love.

Sunday 5/12/13: Mother's Day wore him OUT.

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