Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bathtime, Piggy Bank, and Angie's 1st Shower

Save for his very first experience, Aiden LOVES bathtime; he gets so excited when you pour water over his tummy that I think he would giggle if he could! But he also loses control of some of his plumbing (if you get my drift) while in the tub--hence the strategically placed washcloth.

I, meanwhile, am just having too darned much fun making stuff for this guy! Today Mike & I went to Michael's, and I found these cool piggy banks that you can decorate yourself! Of course I had to get one. I'm not the best at decorating, but I think he'll understand it was made with love. :)

The most fun we had this weekend, however, was at Aunt Angie's first baby shower. Aiden was awake for almost the whole party, which really surprised Mommy! We both had a great time at the shower; Aiden even got Rachel a present (see the photos). :)


  1. YAY!! Everyone loved those onesies!! Aiden was a big hit. :)
    We set up the Pack-N-Play tonight, and almost everything else is put away too. We're trying to let the animals get comfortable with all the baby stuff. They have been sniffing around everything curiously.

  2. Aawwwww, he looks so cute. Since you're so crafty, when do you want to learn to quilt? Best of luck to Angie!