Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Two Months Old

That's right, folks--two months old. But who's counting? I took Aiden to Polaris Mall today to get his picture taken, and the pictures turned out GREAT; unfortunately, they are copyrighted, so I can't post any of them here, but if you'd like to see a sample, click here --what a riot! I came home and decided to take some photos of my own, but someone was a bit tired of having his picture taken, so I didn't get too many smiles. Oh well. :)

A few things about Aiden at two months:
--He's slept through the night about 3 times now, which really freaks Mike & I out when it happens; we assume that since we didn't hear him, something must be wrong! Even on the nights he doesn't sleep all the way through, he's usually only up once, which is a major improvement over his first few weeks.
--This guy is in love with his Grandpa; he smiles and coos the most when Mike's dad is talking to him.
--Aiden LOVES his little floormat/jungle-gym (hence the large amount of photos on said-mat); one of is favorite things to do is look at himself in the mirror and giggle.
--I can't believe how well he does on his tummy! I've heard stories of babies screaming and crying during tummy time, but Aiden seems to love it; he either looks all around at the different view, or rolls over if he'd rather be on his back.
--He still has a bunch of nicknames: Monkey, Buddy-boy, Fart, Little Guy, Booger-Butt, etc. :)

We head to Dr. Brown on Thursday for his two-month check up; I'll more info on his updated weight and length then. Until then, enjoy the photos! :)


  1. Ha! Love the photo where he has pursed lips!

  2. I love the second photo!! He is too cute!
    I read that babies actually prefer being on their stomachs because it comforts them. When they are on their backs, they have a falling sensation, so being on their backs can make the fussy.