Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Inbanana" Jones

Mike & I were lucky enough to have a date together this evening. We were going to see a Clippers game, but the weather has been pretty chilly, and we decided to wait until next month for that. Instead, we went to go see the fourth Indiana Jones movie--and I'm glad we did! Other than the fact that it made me kinda sad to see Harrison Ford walking like an old man (especially one night after listening to George Michael sing and longing for the missing tone in his voice), it was a pretty good flick! I'm not going to give anything away (even the funny scene that involves a refrigerator), so go see it for yourself!


  1. I know! I saw him on GMA yesterday morning and he was stumbling over his words and moving so slowly! It was making me a little choked up. But he still rocks for an older dude -- not as much as Sean Connery though!

  2. We saw it last night, too-- Indiana is still hot!