Thursday, October 30, 2008

Domestic Diva

Today after work, I:
--Picked up Aiden from the sitter.
--Came home and immediately started baking cupcakes.
--Did the dishes in the sink and emptied the dishwasher.
--Put Aiden down for a SHORT nap.
--Got really ticked off when half my cupcakes mysteriously burned.
--Fed Aiden some apples & oatmeal. He wasn't all that interested.
--Turned on the news and sat down to check my e-mail.
--Turned off the news because I CAN'T TAKE ANOTHER POLITICAL AD (freakin' swing state--Tuesday, or even Wednesday for that matter, can't come soon enough...).
--Played with Aiden, and even tried to teach him to get on his knees and give crawling a try. I was met with defeat.
--Wrapped a gift for my friend's wedding this weekend.
--Iced and sprinkled aforementioned cupcakes.
--Gave Aiden a bath. Good times. :)
--Sat down to type this blog entry, and listen concurrently to Aiden tooting (that's gonna be a nasty diaper).

I still need to:
--Eat dinner, but I'm waiting for Mike to bring a pizza home after teaching is boxing lesson as this domestic diva has her limits.
--Change Aiden's previously mentioned diaper, feed him his last bottle, and put him down for bed.
--Get both my and Aiden's (and possibly Mike's?) Halloween costumes ready for tomorrow.
--Get Aiden's things packed for our overnight trip to PooPoo's tomorrow.
--Get Mike's & my things packed for said-trip (this includes making sure our clothes for the wedding are ironed, complete, etc.).
--Possibly watch Grey's Anatomy (not a fan per se, but as we don't have cable I've been watching network shows and don't mind this one. I sure miss watching Ghost Hunters and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, though. Has anyone seen The Mentalist? Love it. And Worst Week is such an out-and-out riot that it actually makes me uncomfortable to watch it. But I digress...).
--Go to bed and freak out about how I probably forgot to do SOMETHING...


  1. I wonder why you have high blood pressure.

  2. And to think I feel stressed when I don't have at least 3 burp cloths in Christopher's diaper bag. Put up lots of pictures of the little monkey, I can't wait to see them!

  3. That's all part of being a Mom.

    Love the Halloween pj's.