Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Happenings

Mimi & Grandpa returned from Georgia last night, and they were gracious enough to watch Aiden for a few hours so Mike & I could get some alone time. Mike had asked me to pick out a restaurant for my birthday lunch, and I chose BJ's Brewhouse at Polaris. Mike had never been there, but I knew he'd like it, and I was right! He's now a big fan of their house-brewed root beer and also the entree-sized baked potatoes (sorry that it's half-eaten in the photo; I was STARVING and forgot to take the picture until I was nearly done). We will definitely be heading back there.
When we arrived back at Mimi's, we saw that our realtor was selling pumpkins for charity down the street, so Mimi and I grabbed our cameras and took Aiden down. I wanted to take Aiden to a pumpkin patch this fall, but we're running out of warm fall days, and next weekend is booked. This will just have to do. :) I have the uncanny knack of snapping a photo right AFTER Aiden has smiled, so instead he always looks a bit grumpy. Hopefully future photos will feature that gummy grin of his. Happy Fall!


  1. He looks like a little old man in the pumpkins!

  2. The hat is sooo cute!

    You know that Noah and I would babysit for you if you guys needed a few hours off...

  3. Yay for a date!

    He looks like a cutie...the smiles are so hard to capture, aren't they?

  4. Snow? Yuck! But, it is in the 30s here this morning.

  5. That's one huge tater....

    and one cute boy... love the beanie hat...

    J/ (