Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So my Thanksgiving break started a bit early yesterday; it seems I should NOT eat fish, or at least not eat fish from the cafe at work (I'll spare you the details). Then today and tomorrow, I'm trying out the stay-at-home mom stuff since I don't have a babysitter. Not gonna lie--this is tough stuff, but obviously very rewarding. I'm getting to spend some extra time with Aiden when he's learning so many new things; he's getting really good at the "baabaabaas" and the "daadaadaadaas," and he'll even throw in a few "mamamas" for good measure. My only complaint is that he practices his speech during feedings, so I'm getting an awful lot of mixed veggies on my clothes. This too will pass, I guess. :)
Aiden had another bit of a milestone this week--I had to lower his crib mattress as he's getting a bit too good at his maneuverability. Case in point: I heard a SNAP in his room on Sunday after I'd laid him down for a nap, and after opening his door to check out what this could be, I discovered he'd actually reached up, grabbed one of the Brutuses from his Buckeye mobile, and pulled on it so hard the stem of the mobile snapped. Luckily I'll be able to jerry-rig it back together with parts from another mobile I have, but I think I'll be mounting it on the wall instead. What a fart.
Now we're just looking foward to family and food in a few days, all while trying to keep the house clean and avoiding the snowflakes outside...

UPDATED 7:30 PM: I had to add a photo of another one of Aiden's new tricks; he is now an EXPERT at sticking his tongue out. wonder where he learned that from...


  1. Looks like he just ate sweet potatoes! Cutie pie.

  2. I can't believe how big he is getting!

  3. What a cutie! Thanks for sharing.