Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving & Patty-Cake

It was a long day, but it was a good day. Mike, Aiden & I headed up to Lexington yesterday morning, and we only experienced one traffic hiccup that delayed us about 20 minutes, so nothing too horrible. We visited with Mom, Dad, Abby, Sean, and John, and marveled at my folks' new 40-inch flat screen HD TV (that thing is amazing, so I can see why my dad says he now only leaves the living room to go to the bathroom). Then we had a FABULOUS turkey dinner, complete with all of the trimmings, courtesy of my amazing Mom (with some help from my equally amazing Dad). My mouth still waters just thinking about it.
After resting our tummies, we headed up to my grandma's house for more family and fun. We were lucky enough to have my Aunt Kitty visiting from South Carolina this year; that was a special treat because Aiden was able to experience "Whiplash." It's this goofy family tradition that if Kitty is here on Thanksgiving or Christmas, she gets to the take the youngest kid (or kids) and bounce them on her knee to an instrumental version of "Sleigh Ride." It's nuts--everyone crowds in the living room to watch. Which brings me to my question--can anyone out there recommend a (free) movie-editing program? I want to post the movie, but apparently Blogger can't handle the size, and I'd like to cut it down about bit. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!!!
Getting back to our turkey day, Aiden was such a good sport, too--even though he desperately needed a nap, he was social and smiling at EVERYONE at Grandma's house. He slept the whole way back to Columbus, and then had a slight over-stimulation meltdown once we got home, but he recovered quickly. A good day indeed. :)
Mike was actually off work today, and since all our Christmas shopping has long been complete, we were able to avoid the Black Friday crowds, and instead we put up our Christmas tree and other decorations. I must say I am quite proud. :)
I leave you today with a video that I WAS able to upload; at my folks' house yesterday, my mom noticed that Aiden would start "clapping" on his own whenever she'd sing "Patty-Cake" to him. So here he is doing the same from this morning. Cute stuff :)


  1. I agree that your mom is amazing. :-)

  2. muvee is a great editing program, but you only get a free trial :)

    Love the tree!

  3. Awwww! I think he needs a little help with his rhythm though! =)

  4. Whiplash was toooo precious!