Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Witch, a Puppy, a Sailor, a Wedding, and A Few Sleepless Nights (or, How I Spent My Weekend)

What a crazy few days, but I guess with Halloween landing on a Friday this year, I shouldn't be all that surprised. I took a half-day off from work on Friday; since we were driving to Mansfield that evening and were going to miss Aiden's first trick-or-treat, I at least wanted to let him show off his puppy costume a bit, so I ended up taking him back to my job, then to Mimi's job, and finally to Mike's job (where Daddy had changed his mind and dressed up as a sailor--wish I had a picture of that!). The final decision is that Aiden did, in fact, look absolulely adorable. :)
Things began to take a bit of a dramatic turn on Friday evening at PooPoo's house, where Aiden did not sleep AT ALL that night, and I was only able to squeeze in about an hour and a half. We're pretty sure he's got some teeth ready to erupt, as he had a slight fever and a runny nose. We did still make it to Brunswick for my buddy Brian's wedding and reception, but we had to leave early to come home and check on our little guy. Mike & I were hopeful that Aiden's insomnia would be limited to Friday evening, but unfortunately he didn't sleep all that well last night, either. The good news is that the fever is gone, but I wish those darn teeth would show themselves already...
Here's to a (hopefully) uneventful week--at least other than the election on Tuesday...


  1. Yuppers, I hope it was just his teeth and not that he didn't want to be left at Poo Poo and PaPa's. :-) Such a cutie!

  2. I sure hope it's just teeth and you get some sleep ASAP!