Saturday, November 15, 2008

Something New

The holidays are obivously coming quickly, and besides the normal gift-giving, that also means donations to charities and the like. Just in the past week, my job has given us employees several opportunities to donate to a local food bank, and I've definitely taken advantage of those chances. And even though Mike & I are by no means well-off, I still feel like I should do more--like I shouldn't wait for a special time of year in order to give. And so suddenly a lightbulb went off in my head the earlier this week. I was waiting for Mike to get home from work; Aiden was napping on me, and I was half-watching the evening news when suddenly a story caught my attention. It was about a local event that was being sponsored by the March of Dimes. They profiled a local woman who just this past August gave birth to her first child--at only 24 weeks. She and her husband were only able to enjoy their little gift for a day before the child passed away. I found myself in tears (I almost am again just typing this) as I hugged Aiden a little tighter , and decided in that instant that I would become a supporter of the March of Dimes in an effort to reduce the number of premature births.

After researching the organization later that evening, I submitted my name and information for volunteer opportunities. While there are no events currently scheduled in my area, I am planning on taking as active a role as I can, and this includes leading a team for the March for Babies in the spring. If any of you out there (locally) would like to join my team, just let me know as time gets closer (I'll be sure to post more information as I get it); if you're not local but still want to be involved, I'm all about accepting pledges! :) For the time being, I'm going to donate a portion of whatever profits I make at my company's upcoming craft fair to the March of Dimes. It's a small step, but I'm hoping it will lead to bigger things, including fewer parents experiencing the heartache I saw on the news a few nights ago. I'm proud to be involved in any way I can!


  1. I can't take hearing these types of stories. It makes me so sad. I am up for being on your team! :)

  2. I like the new layout. Good pictures too!