Friday, April 24, 2009

No Bad News

Well, Aiden FINALLY had his eating evaluation today at Children's Hospital. I was a bit weary going in because once we got the appointment scheduled earlier this week, he spontaneously started eating like a champ (to the point Mike & I are sure he's gained a whole pound in just one week). Don't get me wrong--I'm NOT upset that he's actually eating--but I don't like feeling like fraud when going to the therapist to tell her about how horrible he eats, and all the while he's chowing down in front of her. Our OT was very nice, and she said what I suspected I'd hear--that Aiden's eating issues may have been a drawn-out, 5-month long phase that is subsiding due to his increased activity/nice weather/better attitude/whatever. She said if he does revert back to his no-food ways, we should either talk to a dietitian for some more tips, or even call her back to set up some therapy. There is also talk of a "swallow study" since Aiden has recently been prone to choke while drinking out of a sippy cup, but we'll wait to see what Dr. Brown says. I'm sure we'll be hearing from him soon since he'll have to let us know the results of Aiden's blood test (to check if an unknown food allergy could also be the culprit), but let me throw in how proud I am of my little guy since he only whined once while getting those two vials of blood drawn! What a good boy I have! :) To sum it up, I guess I'm satisfied to hear what I was thinking come out of the mouth of someone trained in the area, but I think I would have been much more relieved if I wasn't dealing with ANOTHER cold!
Mimi (bless her heart, since she, too, is suffering through a cold) went with us to the hospital, and afterward, since Aiden was such a good boy, we took him to Build-A-Bear at Easton to get him a new "Buddy," which is exactly what we named his new friend (clad in some sweet scrubs). Aiden has recently taken to saying "woof" when he sees a dog, or even hears someone say dog, and I figured he had enough bears, so a new dog it was. Then we ate at COSI (he just loves their sourdough bread with hummus), and now that we're back home, he's taking a long-awaited nap while I type this out.
We've got a busy few days ahead of us; tomorrow is Aiden's friend Quentin's first birthday party, and Sunday is the March for Babies, again at Easton. I know the status bar to the left doesn't reflect it, but my team has raised a total of $395.00, a figure of which I am quite proud considering this is the first time any of the seven of us are doing this (if you'd still like to sponsor our team, feel free to click on the same icon--we'd love to make it just a little closer to our $500 goal!)! I'm really looking forward to both days since the weather is going to be so nice--lower 80s and sunny, a real treat for late April in Ohio. I'll post more updates and photos on both events soon!


  1. I'm glad everything turned out ok! Lou said he was a big trooper when they drew his blood. I didn't even know that they put needles into babies to draw blood. I wouln't have been able to stay in the room! Let's just cross our fingers on this whole wheat allergy thing.

  2. I'm so glad it turned out well!

    Way to go A man for starting to eat!

  3. I'm glad he's eating, fraud or not! :)

  4. I am so glad it was indeed just a phase. I hope he doesn't revert!

  5. I am so glad that the appointment went well and that he is eating! I wish I ate better when the weather was nice and I was active and ate badly in the winter when I have a bad attitude!! Keep it up Aiden! :)