Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vacation Project

Since we first started talking about getting married, Mike & I had agreed that one room in our home would be "The Red Room," dedicated to all things Ohio State. And we're slooooooooooowly getting there. Mike began painting the rec-room part of the basement red a few months ago, but time & money have put that on hold. I'm happy to report to you that painting will (hopefully) resume this weekend! In the meantime, I decided that over my vacation I would paint the ceiling and walls leading down the basement. I started last Friday night and finished the next morning, and I hung some pictures and a flag this past Tuesday. I think it's looking pretty good, and it makes me excited to see the whole thing finished!


  1. Awesome! Andy and I also have plans for an IU room... right now our dream is of a bar area dedicated to our favorite team. :)

  2. And it looks nice in person, too.