Sunday, May 31, 2009

Not a fan of pink, BUT...

...I just love the roses in our back yard! A little nugget of info about me: I HATE PINK. I hate the girliness of it, even to the point that if Aiden had been a girl, I would have requested NO PINK on all my my baby shower invites. Give me red any day. Anyways, the previous owner of our home was a HUGE fan of pink (you should have seen one of the bedrooms before it became Aiden's nursery), and apparently that love extended beyond room colors. We have three rose bushes in the back yard, and each is a different shade of pink. And surprisingly, I don't mind them, especially this one on the side of the house near the back porch. Maybe it's because it's not TOO pink, or maybe just because I *heart* roses in general. Regardless, these flowers have been a welcome surprise this spring. :)


  1. You know how I feel about pink too, but Rachel looks so good in it and the cutest clothes seem to be pink, so I have given up. Beautiful roses!!!

  2. I like pink and those are purdy!

  3. Pink is okay, just not on walls. I didn't want a ton of pink if our little one turns out to be a girl, so there's one advantage to not finding out the gender!

    I bet those smell nice :)