Saturday, May 9, 2009

Out & About

I'm waiting for Mike to get home so we can head up to Mansfield for the rest of the weekend, so I thought I'd stop by. I ended up winning a $25 gift card for a little competition I was in at work. I never win ANYTHING! It's all due to Angie, though, so I give her mad props. Anyways, the gift card was supposed to go towards a new pair of walking/running shoes, but since I already have two pairs that are still in great shape, I figured it would be okay to spend it on something else. Enter Aiden into the picture: he is the lucky beneficiary of my generosity, and he scored a new Magnadoodle and Elmo backpack. Lucky kid.
Whilst at Target, I was also looking for some easy Aiden-friendly food items to take up to my mom's house, and finally took the plunge and bought the mandarin oranges. Score one for Mom AND Aiden this time because He. Loved. Them. And again I'm left asking myself why didn't I try this sooner? Better late than never, I suppose.
I hope all you moms--and soon-to-be moms--have a GREAT Mother's Day!

1 comment:

  1. Happy Mother's Day!

    My kids always get the benefits of my winnings.

    And, the magnadoodle makes a great car toy.