Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day & More Baseball!

So Mike joined a baseball team. He generally plays on Sunday afternoons, but might get the occasional Wednesday or Thursday night game (depending on when he gets out of work and where the game is played). He had his first game last weekend, and considering he A) hadn't played in 17 years, and B) was playing third base for the first time, he was a little apprehensive about his performance. But after hitting the batting cages a few times this week, he was much more prepared for his second game today--which just happened to be Father's Day. Mimi, Aiden & I packed up the car, and despite the forecast (near 90 degrees and humid), we had a great time! We were lucky enough to see Mike make a nice catch in left field (his more natural position) for an out, as well as hit a shot of a double in his second at-bat! We were so proud! :)

I think my favorite part was actually taking Aiden out on the field to see his daddy once the game was over. It was so great to take pictures of the two of them together on such a special day, and I'm looking forward to when we have two boys to play baseball with their daddy. Happy Father's Day to all!!!