Saturday, June 26, 2010

You guessed it--MORE BASEBALL

Mike & I went to our first game at Huntington Park a few weeks ago; it's the home of the Columbus Clippers, the triple-A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians. We were so impressed with the park, and with good reason--it was voted the the best new ballpark when it opened last year, placing it AHEAD of the new Yankees stadium (take that, Yankees!). We only got to see half a game, but decided we would definitely need to come back and bring Aiden.

Since the weather was so nice last night, we decided to put our plan into action. Due to a traffic & parking nightmare since a community festival was also taking place last night, we nearly turned around, but Aiden was pretty keyed up to go to the game, so we pressed on. We're happy we did--we ended up finding a relatively close (and definitely cheap) parking space, and so we made it into the park. We feasted on hot dogs, cheesy pretzels, and Cracker Jacks, and sat in the grassy area of the outfield so that Aiden wouldn't be confined to a bench seat. Good decision on our part, since he got a bit surgared up on the Cracker Jacks and needed to blow off some steam by wrestling with Daddy. :) We made it all the way through the end of the sixth inning, and left the game with our Clippers leading 5-3, but Aiden was getting just a touch sleepy. We'd definitely call his first baseball game a success, and he woke up this morning asking when we could go to the next one!

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