Thursday, January 12, 2012

10 Things I Think I Think, First 2012 Edition

10. It's supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow. BOO. I was SO enjoying my (relatively-) warm, snowless winter! The first day of spring can't get here soon enough.

9. I'm proud of myself for sticking to my workout routine. Granted, I'm only a week & a half in, but that's a week & a half longer than I usually make it! My problem, though, is that the treadmill is absolute MURDER on my knees. Trying to get some advice from some co-workers on how to handle that, but I may have to make the jump over to my elliptical. Limping around work is not cool.

8. Mike started his new job on Monday, so the the boys started back at the sitter. Unfortunately, I got a note that same day saying that as of the first of March, she will no longer be babysitting. Ugh. I HATE looking for a sitter. Unfortunately, that's probably going to be the way we'll go since I just can't make the cost of a day care work within our budget, short of me getting another job. So frustrating.

7. I've done nothing but complain so far in this post. If you've clicked off, I really don't blame you!

6. Hmmmmm, positive things...I LOVE my Kindle Fire! Definitely a good purchase, especially since we got a new cable/internet provider with wireless that actually works. And I think Aiden enjoys it more than I do! He's an Angry Birds fanatic, but there's also a memory game I've downloaded that we play together. Good times.

5. Plans for Aiden's fourth birthday party are coming along. I'm trying to go a bit lower-key than I have in the past, but there's some cute stuff out there! Wants & needs, wants & needs...

4. Thumbs up for two good new episodes of NCIS in a row. I was getting worried there for awhile. The February episodes sound quite interesting, too :)

3. I've tried two recipes this past week that I found on Pinterest; one was this potato soup, which was delicious, but makes A LOT of soup, so invite folks over if you try it! The other was this broccoli pasta, which I also thought was yummy, but Mike was on the fence a bit. It probably would have been better with some grilled chicken.

2. Nolan's got sensitive skin, and as documented previously, a tendency to poop often. Well, those two characteristics have joined forces to give him some nasty diaper rash this week. It looks OMG PAINFUL, but he acts like it doesn't hurt at all! We're doing our best to treat it, but I might have to give in & call the doc tomorrow, even though he's scheduled for a well visit on Monday. Cross your fingers it starts to subside.

1. A big congrats to my SIL & BIL on the birth of their second child, the lovely Miss Caitlin. Hopefully we'll get to meet her one of these days, and introduce them Nolan!

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