Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Week (24) in Droid Photos

It's been one of those weeks, boys & girls--lotsa stuff going on that I'm not going to get into on here. So I'm just going to bombard you with phone pictures instead.

Sunday 1/22/12: PooPoo's spaghetti is the BEST.

Monday 1/23/12: Laundry baskets = cheap entertainment.

Wednesday 1/25/12: Hell yeah, that's Brutus!

Wednesday 1/25/12: Abby & Angie waiting to high-five the entire OSU team.
SIDENOTE: Those dudes have BIG hands.

Wednesday 1/25/12: The game itself was a(nother) blowout, but the commentary behind Abby & I was HILARIOUS.

Thursday 1/26/12: Sending weird pictures to Mike from work. And a bad hair day.

Saturday 1/28/12: A January Saturday is the perfect time for an indoor picnic with goldfish.

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