Monday, January 2, 2012

It Starts Today

I have never been what you might call a healthy person.

Sure, I have maintained a decent figure and low weight through ABSOLUTELY NO MAINTENANCE on my part--those of you who used to see me down a pack of Reece's Cups and a 20 oz Mountain Dew for my lunch can attest to that--but luckily for me, through the first 28 years or so of my life, I had one crazy metabolism.

I kept active enough in high school, being a pretty sweet marching band and all (GO LEX BOG!), but there was a failed attempt of joining the track team as a freshman. It was one of those hey-your-older-sisters-are-on-the-team-and-they-love-it-so-OBVIOUSLY-you-would-love-it-too-maybe-you-should-join-today-okay-cool-it's-done-then! moments. Kind of a bad idea to join the track team when you hate running with every fiber of your being. I got to the point where we were told to go run a mile, and I would say "Nope!" and walk it instead. I mean, it's not like they could give me a bad grade or anything.

So I made it though high school and college, maintaining my crazy weight of around 114 lbs, never having done anything to achieve that ridiculous number (my actions might actually have you thinking I was trying to GAIN weight, really). By the time I met Mike, the old metabolism started slowing down, though I think I was still around 125 by the time we got married.

And then I got pregnant with Aiden.

I shouldn't complain about that either, honestly; I only gained 28 lbs total with him, and lost all but 10 of that after the delivery. But I never did anything to actively get rid of those 10 lbs.

And then I got pregnant with Nolan.

Add another 10 lbs to the 10 I still had from Aiden, plus an additional few just for being lazy, and we've come to wear I am today: not overweight, but not overly excited about the numbers on the scale, either.

So, I've come to a decision: I'm going to lose 20 lbs. I've got a plan. And I'm starting it this morning.

I've got realistic expectations; I know it's not going to happen quickly or easily, and I know that having carried two kids, my body shape is forever changed. Obviously, that doesn't mean I can't tone it up. More than anything, though, I just want to prove to myself that I can follow through on this.

I'm not sure how much of my story I'll document on here; I've got a bit of a hang-up about personal fitness in general because I've always felt like such a WUSS, but it might keep me honest. I wish good luck to anyone out there attempting something similar.

Ready or not, here I go...


  1. Did you decide to go with C25K? I also hate running, but actually love that program (I also do it on a treadmill...not outside. That would be too much like actual running.)

  2. I actually did decide to go with C25K--started it yesterday and felt great all day! Well, other than losing the Gator Bowl. :)