Monday, January 16, 2012

A full day off

I love a good three-day weekend as much as the next person, and as much as I'd like to spend that third day lounging in my jammies & eating donuts, that's an extra 12 hours of daytime that I can get stuff DONE. Today was no exception.

We ventured out bright & early this morning for Nolan's 15 month well visit. (NOTE TO SELF: Next time, doctor's appointments on days off DO NOT need to be scheduled at the butt.crack of dawn.) He's chugging away just fine, weighing in at 22 lbs (15-25 percentile) and measuring at 31.5 inches (50th percentile) with a big noggin (75th percentile). The pediatrician told us to keep on keepin' on; Nolan's doing great.

And he was doing great, until he had three vaccinations. *SHUDDER* Oh, how I hate those cries. Luckily, we he recovered pretty quickly, and after Aiden begged Dr. Brown to play Angry Birds on my phone, we were on our way for Tim Bits & hot chocolate.

After a little time at home, we hit the road again for some errands, lunch, and haircuts for my mop-topped munchkins. We ate at Raising Cane's first:

Then we killed some time at Hobby Lobby before heading over for the boys' haircuts:

Much like the early doctor's appointment, I was an idiot and scheduled the haircuts during their typical nap time, so the boys were getting quite cranky by this point; not even the balloons could perk them up. So we headed home, and on the way, this happened:

Only took me 7 years & 9 months to reach that milestone (though I didn't do it all on my own; my darling Cavalier had already had 9,000 miles when I bought it).

So now, the boys are down for their much-needed naps, and me? I'm enjoying a glass of wine. At 2:30 in the afternoon. On a MONDAY. Because I can. :) I still need to figure out what's for dinner & work on some laundry, but for now, I'm taking a few moments for myself.


  1. Sounds like you accomplished a ton! I don't think we would ever be bored as stay-at-home moms. :)
    Nolan's face is changing -- looking more like a Kirschenheiter every day!

  2. New here! Love your blog. Your kids are adorable. I also hate those multiple-shot days. Breaks my heart. They just look at you with those big eyes - like "why are you letting them do this to me?" Ugh.