Monday, August 13, 2012

Bumpdate: Five Months

I see these all over the blog world, and since I don't think I'm disciplined enough to do a weekly update, I thought I'd try a monthly one for the remainder of this pregnancy...

My apologies for the grainy, early morning photo...

How Far Along: 5 months (22.5 weeks) today!

Total Weight Gain: I think maybe 10 lbs total

Size of Baby: Nearly 1 whole pound, according to BabyCenter

Maternity Clothes: I waver between my smaller maternity clothes and a few of my flowier (did I just make up a word?) non-preggo clothes. I am definitely looking forward to the cooler fall months so I can break out my sweaters & sweatshirts, though. I'm kinda done looking flabby in tank tops.

Gender: Most definitely a BOY!

Movement: Silly, ticklish little baby kicks. He has days where he's insanely active, and days when I think he might be napping the entire 24 hours.

Sleep: Not a problem yet; it's getting harder to get myself in and out of the bed, though.

What I miss: Pretty much just beer right now. :)

Cravings: Honestly? Baby makes me HUNGRY. Food of any sort. And even though I'm trying to curb the caffeine, there are moments when I just NEED a Coke.

Other crazy symptoms: Nothing much. I'm so used to being pregnant (I've had a kid every other year since 2008) that nothing really surprises me anymore. :) 

Best Moment this Month: Seeing that beautiful, healthy baby on the ultrasound screen at my 20-week appointment. I imagine I'll be high-risk by my next update (woohoo, thrombocytopenia!) and that I'll get additional ultrasounds due that, so hey, silver lining here, folks :)

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