Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Goings On

I’ve got lots of little things going on. Not really enough to dedicate a whole post to, so here are a few snippets.
  • We are now the proud (?) owners of a minivan. Please forgive the sigh that just escaped my lips. Yeah, we just bought a small SUV in February, which we figured would be the perfect family car going forward…and then we got pregnant. You would think it would be fine; two car seats and one booster should fit in the back seat with no problem. Unfortunately, with Aiden’s refusal inability to gain weight, he won’t be in a booster for a while. And after Mom passed away, my dad didn’t really need two vehicles, so it just seemed like the logical thing to do. So we said goodbye to my Cavalier this weekend, and hello to a Dodge Caravan. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but I LOVE the Saturn. Unfortunately, I’m the main taxi driver transporter of the boys, so the minivan is now mine.
  • My darling Nolan has never been much of a cuddler. Like EVER. Not even as a newborn, which really bummed me out at the time, truth be told. Recently, though, he’s gotten a bit more touchy-feely; he’s grown quite attached to one of his blankets (or “baby,” as he calls it), as well as his musical seahorse (Cecil). And there’s been more than one recent occasion when he’s gestured for me to sit on the couch, then snuggles next to me with his baby and wants to watch TV. I DO NOT DENY HIM THIS. I don’t care what I’m doing at the time—if Nolan wants to sit with me, then I drop everything and do it; it’s been a long time coming, and I’m going to enjoy every brief second of it!!!
  • Monthly checkup with the OB yesterday was normal. I gained five pounds in less than four weeks, but since I lost weight in the first trimester, and then had held pretty steady since then, no one seems concerned. I should probably cut back on the Twix bars, though. Anyway, Justin’s heartbeat thumped away at a steady 150 bpm. Next up: glucose test in three weeks, at about the same time I start the third trimester. Also, another blood draw to check on my thrombocytopenia. This pregnancy is both crawling along and flying by at the same time. Not sure if that’s really possible, but that’s what it feels like!
  • FALL IS ALMOST HERE!!! Can I get a halleluiah?! With the first day of September this Saturday, I’m excited to try & stretch a jersey over my baby bump as BUCKEYE FOOTBALL kicks off for another year. I’ve also got a big Scentsy order ready to go—seems I’m not the only who just can’t wait for my house to smell like apples and pumpkins and leaves. I’ve also been getting a few goodies here & there for Nolan’s b-day party in October; the less I have to do around party time, the better, as I imagine I’m going to start getting uncomfortable around that time…
  • We did a big toy clean up a couple of weeks ago in preparation to get the two boys in the same room together. Aiden’s transition to a big-boy bed has been seamless (though the bed does seem to swallow him up a bit), but getting Nolan in there with the same ease—let’s just say my hopes aren’t exactly high. We tried to take all the distractions out to make it JUST a room for sleep, but he finds ways to entertain himself that are sometimes shocking. This is going to be a process—one that I hope is complete before Justin arrives.
Not quite complete, and couldn't fit it all in one shot. I think it's pretty cute, though :)

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