Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Week (40) in Instagram

Sunday 8/19/12: Sleepy. Those eyebrows need some attention. Woof.

Monday 8/20/12: Sleepless night required me to splurge on the Nectar of the Gods.

Monday 8/20/12: Hacked of a chunk of my nail peeling potatoes.
Another reason I just don't cook that much--bodily harm.

Tuesday 8/21/12: Family over for dinner = male bonding with PaPa & Uncle John.

Tuesday 8/21/12: First night in his big boy bed was an unabashed success!!!
Now to transition Nolan into that toddler bed...

Wednesday 8/22/12: Lunch out with the (almost) Birthday Girl. Good times :)

Thursday 8/23/12: First date night in awhile. Mike was pretty keyed up about that butter knife.

Saturday 8/25/12: Early morning Pinterest browsing in bed.

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  1. Is it ever -really- splurging when it's Starbucks? lol. I'd give my right arm for their coffee some days.