Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Monthly Mumbles, August Edition

10. First of all, a VERY warm welcome to all my new followers! I hope you’ll stick around for a while. It’s been so fun to find all of your blogs as well—I just LOVE “meeting” new folks. :)

9. The weather this past weekend (sun & clouds mixed with highs in the 70s and 80s) REALLY gave me some fall fever. Seriously—I had to talk myself out of unboxing all my fall decorations several times.

8. Anyone know of any Erin Condren coupon codes floating around out there? I’ve almost pulled the trigger on my new life planner several times, but the price stops me with all the fun budgeting I’ve had to do this year. It probably doesn’t help that I got SUCH a good deal last year, and now I kind of expect the same. But I R-E-A-L-L-Y want one.

7. Left work early last Friday to retrieve a feverish Nolan from the sitter. He was up around 102 degrees until he went to bed that night, so I didn’t have high hopes for my weekend. Imagine my surprise when he woke up fever-free Saturday morning! Must have been some 24-hour thing (I heard one of the other kids had the same problem on Saturday). We’ve been pretty lucky that our boys don’t get sick that often (KNOCKING ON WOOD).

6. Tried a Pinterest recipe over the weekend. It wasn’t successful (at least not in my opinion; my hubster & MIL thought it was good), but reading the comments from the site where it appeared, I believe I know why. Maybe next time I should check out the comments BEFORE I start cooking. Lesson learned.

5. Got an unexpected refund check in the mail over the weekend, so while we’ll be saving most of it, I dedicated a little for a few items on Etsy I’d been coveting for Justin. Can’t WAIT for it all to arrive.

4. Trying to wean Aiden from napping. Right now we’re only doing it on the weekends (which is convenient, because lately we’ve been too busy for him to squeeze it in anyways). He’s done okay; not too grumpy, and he falls asleep easier at bedtime. On Sunday, I thought he should go ahead and take one, but he begged not to—and then I found him asleep on the couch. Work in progress.

3. Gonna have to edit my Bumpdate post from Monday to reveal that I do in fact have a craving with this pregnancy—Twix bars. I CANNOT GET ENOUGH of them. Guess I’ll be gaining more weight this time.

2. Lately, Nolan has stopped whatever he’s doing, found me, and pointed at his diaper when he’s gifted us with a No. 2. I’m thinking maybe that’s a signal to start potty training? It seems a bit early, but the thought of not having two in diapers when Justin arrives in a few months is VERY inviting…

1. This is too crazy not to share; my aunt sent me an email about this over the weekend. My family is Catholic (even though I’m not a shining example of devoutness, which we just won’t get into here). Well, my aunt had been talking to my Grandma over the weekend, and Grandma brought up that all Catholic patron saints are given a calendar day for remembrance. So my mom passed away on June 1st—and the patron saint for June 1st? St. Justin. {JAW ON FLOOR} We seriously had NO CLUE when we picked the name. I think it’s little things like this that help me know she’s still looking out for us. :)

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