Saturday, April 6, 2013

Four Months Old

Well that month sure flew by.

We've had a lot going on, between Aiden's 5th birthday, a couple of holidays (St. Patty's & Easter), and the season starting its much-too-slow change from winter to spring.

Somewhere along the way, The Littlest became a four-month-old.

And at four months, Justin:

--has not altered his sweetheart of a disposition. He is just an absolute joy of a baby to be around. My dad was telling me it must be something about the youngest child because my brother was the same way as a baby.
--sleeps like it's going out of style. He rarely fusses AT ALL when I lay him down for the night, even if he's not quite sleepy. His brothers could really learn something from him.
--continues to be a chunky monkey. I wouldn't say he's fat (well, and mean it, anyways, because I call him fatso all the time (!)), but when holding him, you can tell he's just solid. No official weight until after Tuesday's well visit, but I'm super curious to find out his actual stats.

--is a CHATTERBOX!!! Obviously it's early to be thinking about such things, but I wonder if he'll talk sooner than Nolan? He's already trying to jump in his brothers' conversations. Makes my heart happy.
--has some seriously ticklish armpits. He giggles like crazy whenever I need to change his outfit.
--recently found his thumb. The kid hates pacifiers, but he'll suck the heck out of that left thumb. It's especially cute, though, because he uses the rest of his left hand to grab his nose. I'm still trying to get a picture.
--is already eating rice cereal. We're just a touch early, but I think I've done this enough times to tell he's ready. And he hasn't disappointed; he giggles through the entire feeding, but he gets it all down.

--rolled from his belly too his back four times in a row last weekend. And thought it was about the funniest thing ever.
--has me wondering if he's already teething a bit. We've had quite a few dirty-fart diapers lately, along with rosy cheeks, hands in the mouth, and a the occasional touch of grumpiness (which was not there before). I can't feel anything in those gums, but I'm pretty sure something is going on.
--is getting more hair! It's growing pretty nicely on top--they only place he didn't have any at birth--but it's all rubbed off around the back. Oh well, it'll even out in time.
--seems to be a Buckeye fan. Good thing, because I was worried. :)

Check out how he compares to Aiden and Nolan at four months!

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