Sunday, April 7, 2013

Our Week in Instagram

Saturday 3/30/13: Someone rolled over for the first time--
and then repeated it four more times!

Saturday 3/30/13: Chalkin' it up to a good time (ba-dum-ching)...

Saturday 3/30/13: Easter egg coloring went surprisingly well
AFTER Nolan ate one of the dye caplets.

Sunday 3/31/13: I imagine Easter in heaven was pretty sweet for Mom.

Monday 4/1/13: This DOES NOT HAPPEN.
And Aiden was actually helping Nolan with the words.
Tuesday 4/2/13: First rice cereal--he did GREAT!

Thursday 4/4/13: Fell asleep waiting for the doctor
in the exam room. First ear infection ever at 5 years old.

Saturday 4/6/13: Family fun time at the park :)

Saturday 4/6/13: GNO :)

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