Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our Week in Instagram

Disclaimer: Posts with words to return soon. It's been A. Week.

Monday 4/8/13: In the waiting room before the terror that was
his blood draw. No Celiac disease. The mystery continues.

Monday 4/8/13: Helping Daddy with his homework. Love that goofy smile :)

Tuesday 4/9/13: Four-month well checkup. Littlest is 15 lbs. Not so little anymore.

Wednesday 4/10/13: SO proud of you, Ohio.
Even though it didn't last, temps in the 80s were GLORIOUS.
Wednesday 4/10/13: I found all these books in Nolan's bed 
when I went to check on him. He'll be on "Hoarders" next week.

Thursday 4/11/13: A baby boy in overall shorts. I DIE.

Friday 4/12/13: Five minutes until the weekend. GLORY BE.

Friday 4/12/13: Unplanned dinner date with Aunt Abby = Good Times

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