Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Monthly Mumbles, April Edition

10. First and foremost, my thoughts and prayers to everyone involved in yesterday’s tragedy in Boston. In addition, my utmost respect to the first responders; whether police, medics, volunteers, or civilians, I am humbled by your selflessness.
9. Finally found this old picture of me (I think I was 9 months???) to prove that Justin favors my side of the family--just a bit...

8. F.R.U.S.T.R.A.T.E.D beyond belief that my knees won’t allow me to get past the first week of C25K. I mean seriously. It’s the same reason I had to quit last time. I haven’t run since last Wednesday, and I’m still having a hard time going up and down stairs. Doesn’t help my woe-is-me attitude when it comes to my physical prowess at all. I’m taking advice and looking for solutions, but so far, no dice.
7. I would pay someone very good money if they could somehow get Nolan to go to sleep at night. He used to my champion at bed time—until he figured out how to climb out of the crib. The big boy bed hasn’t helped. He asks “Go bed, Mommy?!” in the evening because he thinks it’s time to PARTY DOWN in his & Aiden’s bedroom. So then we have to keep going in there for AN HOUR OR TWO, put him back in his bed, threaten him, put him in timeout—and none of it works. L Hoping this is just another one of those really freakin’ annoying stages.
6. My mom’s birthday is this coming Sunday. L
5. New blog design in the works. I love my current design, but I’m also excited for a fresh, clean look!
4. Justin’s 4-month well visit revealed that he’s a whopping 15 lbs! Not bad for my peanut who entered the world at 6 lb 4 oz. Dude likes to eat. I even mixed a little sweet potato into his rice cereal last night. He approved. J
3. Aiden had another round of testing for Celiac disease, which again came up negative. In case you’re not familiar with the whole drama story, the kid has NEVER been a good eater. It’s been a fight (and I do mean fight) since Day One. At his five-year well visit, he weighed 29 lbs. Which is the size of a two-year-old. Le sigh. So next week we have a consult with a GI doctor to see if we can figure this whole thing out and/or try something new. I sure hope there aren’t any blood draws because he hated that like WOAH.
2. Don’t think I’ve mentioned it here in the blog, but my sister is expecting again! SO EXCITED! Now she can enjoy all the stupid “pressure” that comes with the possibility of having our family’s first girl (there are currently 5 boys between my sisters’ & my kids). Because, you know, we she gets a say in it and all.
1. The warm spring weather has finally arrived. I’ve been trying to get the boys outside as much as possible because OHMYGOSH does the daily intake of fresh air help bedtime. JJJJJ

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  1. Kim,
    Have you tried taking a glucosamine supplement? My sister was having trouble with her knees and she said it worked miracles for her running (she runs 10ks and such).