Monday, January 19, 2009

The doctor warned me this might happen...

...and thank goodness he was right! It seems that somehow in the past five days, the proverbial light bulb has gone off for Aiden; he's actually eating--and more importantly WANTING to eat--his food! I've been crossing my fingers nervously that this will continue, and I've even thought about not saying anything so as not to jinx the happy development, but after five days I'm thinking it's not just a fluke anymore! WHAT A RELIEF! I guess we'll see just how far he's come after we go to his weigh-in next Monday.
In other happy news, Aiden also seems to have figured out the ever-elusive sippy cup. Even though he continually refused to drink from it, I offered it to him randomly, so you can imagine my surprise this evening when he took if from me, threw his head back and started to drink! Happy Day!
I leave you with a photo of my two favorite guys after this evening's bath time--enjoy!!!


  1. YAY!!!! Go Aiden! Now he deserves a new toy for such a great week of jumping a few more of life's hurdles ;)

  2. Yay, Aiden! Now, stop stressing your mommy out!

  3. I was just going to tell you that we tried a soft sippy cup and Rachel drinks out of that much better! But sounds like Aiden has turned the corner anyway!