Monday, January 26, 2009

Not What I Was Hoping For

Today finally arrived--the day for us to see Dr. Brown for a weight check. I was a bit nervous as Aiden reverted back to his refusal to eat this weekend. I want to blame it on his upper teeth (one has FINALLY come through, and you can see the other three), but that seems like a cop-out for some reason. He had been doing SO WELL for a week there...but no more. Anyways, Aiden (who may I just tell you is in a horrible mood today) sat down on that scale, and the nurse cheerfully read "17 pounds 3 ounces." My heart sank a little. I know it's good that he's gained weight as opposed to lost it, but the only thing my brain was telling me was that's not even a pound in 6 weeks. Dr. Brown talked to me a bit and offered suggestions, such as giving him things you wouldn't normally expect to give a baby--like hummus--and to keep offering him new things while Mike & I are eating our meals. He also said to call him at the beginning of March, and if the situation hasn't improved, we'll probably need to have a dietary evaluation at Children's Hospital. OUCH. So at this point I'm pretty much trying my best not to freak out. It also doesn't help that Aiden refused his Pediasure (which he usually LOVES) after we got home. *SIGH*
In happier Aiden news (actually I guess it depends on who you talk to), Aiden got his first bona fide haircut yesterday, ala PooPoo. We were visiting my folks for my brother's birthday (Happy 25th, John!), and I had mentioned to her the day before that it was probably time to trim it up a bit. Now I was just slightly in love with his bed-head look, so when Mom lopped off the first tuft of hair--and it was more than 2 INCHES LONG--I almost hyperventilated. I guess I didn't realize his scruffy look meant so much to me. I'm sure I'll get used to this new cut, but right now I'm stifling the urge to ask my mom if she can mail me what she chopped off so I can figure out a creative way to glue it back to his head.
So next up for today is my turn at the doctor's; hopefully she can tell me that my blood pressure is going down, why my heart feels like it's fluttering randomly, and whether or not I have arthritis/carpal tunnel/etc. in my right hand. I'm sure hoping this week gets better...


  1. I think your mom did a fabulous job on his hair cut. :-)

  2. Deep breaths. It will be okay. Izzy was seriously underweight until 1...and then she really beefed up. At 6 months, she was only 13 pounds...and a year, she was 19.

    In the foods that he will eat....I don't know if I told you this. Add olive oil and/or butter. That will really up his calorie and fat intake. Also, avocados are good, too. And a 10 months, Izzy really didn't want baby food, she wanted the real deal (and she didn't have any teeth until 11.5 months, and it was just one).

    Also, at 9 months, she went on a bit of an eating strike. No nursing or anything. Turned out she had a very slight ear infection.

    Feel free to email me if you want to chat/have questions. I know it's hard, but I'm confident that everything will work out.

    Not every baby is on "a curve" they are just on "their curve."

  3. I love his hair! He is back to the "Frank Sinatra" look in the first picture! HAHA!

  4. Aww, I hope your week starts to look up! I am going through one of the babies I nanny for refusing to eat and it is frustrating...Hang in there :)