Monday, January 12, 2009

Ten Months Old

We're in uncharted territories now--double-digit months for Aiden's age! What a crazy & fun ride it's been so far. We've had a lot of developments hit us seemingly all at once in the past month! (And I want to throw in a brief shout-out to Aunt Megan for supplying Aiden's outfit for this month's update--he was soooooo cuddly wearing this yesterday, so thanks, Santa Megan!)

Aiden at 10 months:
--As of last week, I can't leave Aiden alone to sit and play quietly anymore; somehow, the little fart figured how to go forward. Now he's not exactly crawling--he really only picks up one knee and then kinda drags the other leg behind him--but it gets the job done, and it makes him deliriously happy. I'm finding that if I turn my back for even a second, he's made is way to some part of the living/dining room that he's never ventured before, and thus a place I haven't exactly baby-proofed yet. So he's definitely keeping me on my toes. I'll try to get a video posted soon, but I'm at the mercy of a very bad internet connection.
--Along with mobility came Aiden's first boo-boo; you can't really see it in the pictures, but he bumped his right eye against a piece of furniture the other night and had quite the lump going. He cried for a bit, but then seemed to forget about it.
--Another thing to check off the list is that Aiden can get himself into a sitting position from laying position; he also is getting much better at landing on his butt when he's falling down from a standing position. Little developments can mean so much!
--We still stand at just the two bottom teeth as of today, but his two upper front teeth are visible, and it's a wonder they haven't popped out yet!
--The Battle of Eating rages on. Everytime I think I'm getting a handle on what's causing Aiden's dislike for food or formula, he changes the rules on me, so it's been pretty rough and kinda shakes my confidence as a mom. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if he didn't spit things back in my face--I'd do better with just a clamped jaw--but we continue to try. Hopefully we'll hear good news at Aiden's weight check-up in a few weeks.
--This kid is chatty, to say the least! He loves to mimic sounds, too; sometimes I'll say "Ewwwww!" while changing a dirty diaper, and he'll smile at me and say it right back! He also likes to explore the upper range of his voice, which is pretty funny :)
--Last night, I set Aiden down amongst his toys so I could go get something in the next room, and he started crying immediately. I stayed a moment to rub his back (he's been fighting a cold and hasn't been feeling well), and for the first time, he reached his little arms towards me for a hug. I pretty much melted. :)

So there you have it--Aiden at a whopping ten months. We've still got a few hills to climb and battles to fight, but Mike & I are so proud of everything our little buddy has accomplished up to this point. We're trying our best to savor these moments as they seem to be flying by, but we're excited for the future, too!


  1. Awwww- he does look cuddly in that outfit!!!

  2. Oh, he sure does look cute...and such a little boy!