Friday, January 2, 2009

More Teeth on the Way

Poor Aiden. We've all been having some rough times in recent weeks because the poor booger is trying his best to pop some more teeth out. I'm convinced that's the biggest cause for his poor (read: NO) appetite. Eating solids is quite the battle, but I think he's getting better with it; I've seen a lot less spitting, and even though he lets me know he's not exactly thrilled, he eventually eats everything (well, mostly--he would much rather have fruits as opposed to veggies). Aiden has also recently decided he is NOT a jarred baby food fan, so I got him a little food grinder, and he's been much more welcoming of the fresh stuff I mash up. The most annoying thing is that he's so off-and-on, though; one day he'll eat food but won't touch formula, and the next day it's the exact opposite. I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle, but I'm marching on.

As you can see in the photo, nothing is off limits for Aiden to chew on right now; socks seem to be especially enticing! And his cheeks have taken on the rosy shade again, which is exactly what happened before his two bottom teeth made their debut. I can actually see two little nubbies on his top gums that are without a doubt the culprit of all this pain. I'm crossing my fingers they get here soon!


  1. Those socks look mighty tasty.


  2. Seriously...trial and error. And, every day is new. Even at 27 months, I don't know what Isabelle will really want. Just keep at it! He'll love the stuff in no time.