Sunday, March 14, 2010

Aiden's Birthday Party--2nd Installment

I can't believe we've done this for the second time already! How my kid is already two is beyond a mystery to me. And he really seemed to enjoy himself today (though I think that was helped a lot by letting him play with the sweeper--but I digress), which was a plus. We had a little bit of a delay to our lunch, which was my fault for not remembering the time change, but it was a minor hiccup. After the meal, we opened gifts, which was kinda funny; Aiden would ask me to "Open it!" after each plastic-encased item was revealed. He got lots of bubbles and outdoor toys, so of course I had to "advise" him against opening them now. :) Once the gifts were opened, we headed back into the kitchen for cake (another AWESOME creation by Angie) & ice cream. He was HILARIOUS this year while everyone was singing, but unfortunately the video camera malfunctioned and we don't have it. Oh well.
By this time, folks were starting to leave, but we actually had quite a few of our guests hang around to watch Ohio State win the Big Ten Tournament. And the entire time, Aiden did not. Take. A. Nap. He was in a great mood, though, so I tried not to let it worry me too much. As soon as Mimi & Grandpa left, though, he passed out for about 10 minutes on the living room floor. Power nap, I guess.
Tomorrow we head to the pediatrician to get Aiden's two-year stats. I'm crossing my fingers for an improvement in his weight (he sure feels heavier to me). I think Aiden will just be happy to get out of there with no vaccinations!


  1. You might be entering the dreaded nap-weaning stage! His naps will get shorter and shorter and then NO NAPS! ACK! =)

  2. Love the cake and the bike!

    And, I wish my kids would power nap sometimes!

    Here's to A-man gaining some weight.