Wednesday, December 8, 2010

10 Things I Think I Think, December Edition

10. Operation Lose the Baby Weight has commenced. During the holiday season. Good call on that one. I'm actually a week later at starting this than I wanted to be, but at least I'm starting. I'm going to do a combination of our treadmill & an ab workout DVD I bought before we got married. The goal is to lose 20 pounds. I'm not giving myself any kind of deadline, but it would be nice if I could fit into my clothes better. Wish me luck as I am HORRIBLE at keeping to any kind of workout routine.

9. Aiden only has two days left at his daycare after today. I sure hope I'm ready for four weeks at home with both boys. Yesterday was a trial run, and it was a bit rough.

8. I'm having way too much fun playing with my Christmas gift(s) from Mike--a new lens for my camera as well as a new tripod & mount. I still need to work at using the lens (hopefully Megan will give me a bit of a tutorial when she's home in a few weeks), but for now, I'm enjoying the experimentation.

7. I was lucky enough to attend my office Christmas party--my bad, Holiday Mixer--yesterday. It was held at a Dave & Buster's-type place. Surprisingly, I had a blast! Lots of folks kept asking when I was coming to back to work, to which I cheerily replied that I still had 4 and 1/2 weeks. It's going by awfully fast, though...

6. The weather forecast for the next week or so is incredibly depressing. I know I live in the wrong state for this, but I. Hate. Snow. WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING. If I'm being completely honest, I pretty much hate anything that has to do with winter. It's going to be a long few months. :(

5. I finally had to step back and agree with my husband that Nolan is a bit crankier than his brother was as a baby. For a few weeks, any time he was awake, he was very fussy, and Aiden was never like that. We've been seeing a bit of a reprieve as of late, though--lots more coos & smiles as opposed to irritated cries. I'll take it. :)

4. Has anyone else out there tried the Mint Hot Chocolate by Archer Farms at Target? I've gone through almost an entire canister in a week! YUM! YUM! Oh, and while we're on the subject of mint-flavored goodies, be sure to go get a bag of the Candy Cane Hershey Kisses. They're awesome.

3. I am so freakin' excited when the mail comes each day--I LOVE getting Christmas cards! And we sent ours out today. They're not exactly what I envisioned they would be, but I'm pretty stoked about them just the same.

2. Speaking of special deliveries, I just saw the UPS truck drive by as I typed this. That's the first day this week he hasn't stopped at our house.

1. I have a grand plan to take they boys to get their picture taken with Santa next week. Stay tuned for the photo. :)


  1. funny picture of Nolan.....

  2. Isn't it weird to realize just how different your children can be from each other? I mean, you figure they're made from the same raw materials, how could they be so different? And yet they are. It's wild.