Friday, December 3, 2010

Visting with The Vegas

My sister & her family are here from South Carolina for the weekend. While we unfortunately won't be able to make it up north on Sunday to see her, my BIL, and my other sister sing, I did want to make sure they could meet Nolan, so the boys & I drove up today. Cousin Gary was pretty impressed that Aiden can talk so well now, so he made a much better playmate than in visits past. Nolan was a hit, too, especially with my Grandma, who didn't put him down for nearly three hours! I could tell the boys had a good time, especially once we got home; someone was asleep in his car seat, while the other fell asleep on the kitchen floor. We can't wait to see the Vegas again for Christmas in a few weeks. :)


Someone was WIPED OUT.

Too darned cute. :)


  1. Now we just need to add Finnian to the mix!

  2. Yes! We can't wait to see everyone in just about 2 weeks!!!

  3. That's awesome that Aiden fell asleep on the kitchen floor! Sounds like Christmas will be a LOT of fun with all those kids around!