Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

It's hard to believe that another Christmas has come and gone. There's always so much preparation & anticipation leading up to the big day, and then the actual day seems to fly by in a whirlwind. That's especially true this year as my two out-of-state sisters & their families came to visit. Since I'm still on maternity leave, I was able to go up north twice in the week leading up Christmas to see them & introduce all the cousins to one another. We had a great time! There was cookie-baking and movie-watching and all kinds of good stuff.

We also made it over to PooPoo Jo's for the ornament exchange and food and just general rowdiness. Santa even stopped by for a visit!

After that, it was back to my folks' house for our Beer & Wine "Dirty Santa" game, and then to watch all the boys open their presents. We headed back to Columbus not long after that with two VERY tuckered-out kiddos :)

Christmas morning was pretty laid-back as everyone was really tired from the day before. But Aiden was very excited that Mimi & Grandpa came over to watch him open gifts (as well as bring him plenty more!). Nolan was in a great mood for the festivities--I like to think that maybe he understood some of what was going on.

We'll be spending most of this week digging ourselves out of all these new toys! It's also supposed to warm up a bit, so we'll probably venture out to do some shopping with our gift cards. I hope everyone out there had a wonderful Christmas!!!

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  1. We had a lot of fun! It went too quickly :(

    I miss my horseshoe cookies...