Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bumpdate: Six Months

How Far Along: 6 months (27 weeks) today!

Total Weight Gain: I still think maybe 10 lbs total, but I’ll know for sure after next week’s appointment.

Size of Baby: According to Babycenter, nearly two whole pounds!!!

Maternity Clothes: Other than a few non-preggo tops, I’m in mostly maternity gear now. And my options are dwindling; it’s not cool enough for my sweaters, but it’s not warm enough for my tank tops. And I’m too thrifty cheap to buy anything new at this point. We’ll see how desperate I get…

Gender: Most definitely a BOY!

Movement: He cycles between sleeping (no movement at all) and then really HUGE kicks. I wonder if this all-or-nothing pattern should give me insight into his personality :)

Sleep: Still not a big problem, though I have had to get up a few more times to pee lately. And obviously that’s only gonna get worse.

What I Miss: Honestly, it’s still pretty much just beer, especially on college football Saturdays! Next season will be back to normal, I suppose.

Cravings: Twix bars. And Piada (oh how I LOVE YOU, Piada…).

Other Crazy Symptoms: Hmmmmmm…tailbone throbbing that I don’t remember from the other two boys. Oh, and how about a general lack of motivation to do pretty much anything? I’m guessing these will only get worse as I get bigger…

Best Moment this Month: Definitely Nolan’s new “understanding” that something’s going on in Mommy’s tummy. He’ll peel back my shirt, pat my belly, and say “Hi Baby!” Then he’ll stick his finger in my belly button (it’s still an inny!!!), pull down my shirt, and say “B’bye!” So sweet and innocent…until he smacks my belly & giggles. Oh well, baby steps here, folks.

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