Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Week (41) in Instagram

Sunday 8/26/12: Yeah, I'm early, but I had some REALLY good coupons...

Sunday 8/26/12: Helping Nolan with his corn on the cob :)

Monday 8/27/12: Our sweet, new-to-us ride :)

Tuesday 8/28/12: View in my rearview mirror. Excitement all around!

Wednesday 8/29/12: The boys' now shared room (or at least what I could fit in a photo).

Saturday 9/1/12: On the three-month mark of my mom's passing, this arrived.
 Justin will wear it not long after his arrival.

Saturday 9/1/12: Found a jersey to stretch over my bump! GO BUCKS!!!

Saturday 9/1/12: Playing with his goodies after Friday's successful dentist appointment.

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