Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Week (45) in Instagram

Here's my (tired) statement once again--I need to get back to posts with actual words & thoughts. Mike recently started a new schedule with his job, though, as well as class on the evenings he's not already working, so I'm pulling A LOT of single mom time lately. And with my ever growing belly, once I sit down at night after the boys go to bed, I'm pretty much not getting up. But it's not my goal to bore you all to pieces with only Instagram posts, either. October promises to be a bit more exciting (word on the street is that one of the resident munchkins is turning TWO), so hang in there...

Sunday 9/23/12: Fall decorations are up!!! YAY FALL!!!

Sunday 9/24/12: Playdate at the pumpkin patch (full post to come) was a blast,
even if it was just Aiden (& Justin) & me representing the Cotters.

Sunday 9/23/12: My shopping buddy for a quick trip to Carter's, which was PACKED.

Tuesday 9/25/12: Tuesdays are AWESOME again now that NCIS is back :):):)

Thursday 9/27/12: Nicked myself shaving, and these were
the only bandaids in the house. The mom of boys... :)

Saturday 9/29/12: Cheesin' on the couch during the Buckeye game :)

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