Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Monthly Mumbles, September Edition

10. Cannot believe we’re already more than halfway through September. Seriously. But I’m not complaining at all—I’m loving this cooler weather, and the pumpkins in the stores, and the football on the weekends—ALL OF IT. :)

9. Glucose test was this morning. I don’t imagine I’ve got gestational diabetes (that would be totally new for me), but they also did another blood draw to check my platelets. That’s what I’m REALLY curious about, and I won’t hear results for another day or two. Waiting, waiting, waiting…

8. Nolan turns two one month from today. E. Friggin’. Gads. He’s been a lot more fun lately; the grumpiness that has plagued him for a good part of the last, oh, 12 months or so, has been gradually subsiding. I’m noticing that the more words he “learns,” the better his mood. 

7. Aiden re-started swim lessons Sunday. We’d held off over the summer since things started to go south during the spring session; he would do great until about half-way through the lesson, but then he would shut down completely because he was too cold in the water. We’re talking full-on tears here, people. So we’re at a different pool this time to see if that helps; so far, so good! He said he did get cold, but he didn’t give up. I’m cautiously proud; I’m reserving my final judgement until after this Sunday’s lesson.

6. NCIS Season 10 premieres one week from tonight! I’m a total dork, but I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!

5. My tiny little Scentsy business is having a decent month. Good thing, too, because I’m gonna put it on hold starting in November. I’ll still take orders & all that, but no house parties; it’s getting to difficult to lug this stuff around with my growing belly…

4. With everything that went down in June, I forgot to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of my graduation from The Ohio State University. Good thing the university decided to remind me, though; they’re putting on a special wine tasting event for the classes of ’02 and ’07 as part of this year’s homecoming weekend. Not exactly great for me, since I can’t enjoy the wine—but the access to two tickets to the sold-out, nationally televised game vs. Nebraska the next evening? Let’s just say I couldn’t sign up fast enough. I won’t be as preggers as I was with Nolan when I attended a few years ago (and even if something were to happen, there’s a hospital right next door), but it’s a NIGHT GAME, for crying out loud—we’re lucky to get those here in Cbus. So I’ll be there—loud, proud, and large!!!

3. I r-e-a-l-l-y need to work on getting Aiden & Nolan in the same room. With just under three months until Justin arrives, I’m getting nervous that this transition won’t have materialized. And it’s not like Nolan can share the crib with a newborn. Time to get down & dirty.

2. A little over three months until Christmas, and I’ve got A LOT of shopping to do. Combine that with no energy, and you’ve got my current status. Motivation, WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?!

1. Three & a half months on, and the hurt feels just as fresh. I really miss my Mom. :(

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  1. Time is flying. September is almost gone. And I don't know how to stop it! Ahhh. But I'm ready to plan for Christmas. Does that make me a dork?