Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September BLOG STAR!


My name is Kim, and this is my second month participating in Blog Star via Mrs. Monologues! I had so much fun last month I figured I’d come back to stalk discover new people again this month!!!

The best way to get the deets on who I am is to click above on the About Me/Our Story tabs, or even browse the left-hand column for the briefs on my little family.

In the spirit of September’s start, and therefore fall’s imminent arrival, let me tell you a few things about myself that relate to my favorite season!
  •  I am a HUGE Ohio State Buckeye fan. This shouldn’t be a surprise—it’s my alma mater and all that, but I was a fan before I ever started shelling out large amounts of cash to attend the university. Seriously, I BREATHE all things Buckeye, and though I’ll have to enjoy this entire season sans-beer (due to this wonderful little pregnancy), I’ll be yelling at cheering on my boys every weekend just the same!!! GO BUCKS!!!
  •  Another very exciting thing coming up for me—the Season 10 premiere of NCIS!!! I’m not the least bit afraid to admit that I totally geek out to this show. Michael Weatherly, who plays Tony DiNozzo…YUMMO. Beautiful smile, gorgeous green eyes, and a killer sense of humor—what’s left to desire for a TV crush?! C’mon, September 25th—get here so I can get my fix!
  • With the weather (hopefully) cooling off soon, I'm ready to break out the sweaters & boots, head to the apple orchard, and purchase my weight in pumpkins. I just LOVE this time of year.
  • Nolan, my adorable-yet-challenging second son, will be celebrating his second birthday in October. And while my results aren't exactly worthy of posting on Pinterest, I adore planning the boys's parties--at least while they're little enough to let me. :)
  • Fall also means we're just that much closer to welcoming Son Number 3--Justin--into the world at the beginning of December!
     So that's me--and I'd love to learn more about you!!! Join the link-up and let's chat! :)
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  1. Hi there! This is my first month joining blog star and I am just loving your blog :) So pretty! I do have to say I am a born and raised MN Gopher fan ;) But I live in IL now, so I dont get to watch as much as I would like. I cant wait to 'purchase my weight in pumpkins' too! Fall is my favorite season! Good luck with baby #3. I just noticed your count down is at 100 days! eeek! So exciting!

  2. O H!! We are huge Bucks fans! Stopping by from the link up!

  3. Loving your blog; meeting you from Blog Star. Congrats on baby number 3!!!
    I have one little boy and we are hopefully trying for No.2 around December. ♥

    I love this time of year too. And, I am ready for cooler weather, boots, all the fun adventures fall brings.

    Please do stop by when you can and say hello!

    XO-Stephany @ The Midnight Hershey

  4. yaya! love your blog by th way and yay for baby number 3 for you and your adorable fam! stopping by the link up and had to say hi! xo

  5. Congrats on baby number 3! I love fall, and NCIS Tony is my favorite!

  6. Oh three boys!! So much fun. I also have three boys plus a girl.
    Oh NCIS is one of my many favorite shows that i can't wait for.

  7. I love fall so much and I can't wait! the leaves are already starting to change here :) congrats on baby number 3!!

  8. stopping in from the link up. What a fun time of year for you and congrats on the new bundle, hope everything goes great!

  9. Your little boys are gorgeous - And Aiden looks smart in the photo somehow. Like he's just about to ask a question (or answer one!)


  10. OMG, I loveeee me some NCIS! I'm obsessed. Do you watch NCIS:LA too?! I love it! Happy Blog Star!