Monday, January 7, 2013

My Week (52) in Instagram

I got a new phone! (I also got a heck of a deal on it--thank you, Costco!) I can tell a difference in the pictures (YAY!)--much less blurry. Since the older boys went back to their normal routine at preschool/the sitter last week, there's an abundance of photos of the littlest. Sue me.

Sunday 12/30/12: Aiden "helping' with a diaper change.

Monday 12/31/12: Out with Mike for a quick date to see "Les Miserables." 
It was AH-MAZING and I can't wait to see it again!!!

Monday 12/31/12: My date for NYE. We were both in bed before the ball dropped :)

Thursday 1/3/13: Found him napping like this. I wonder what shocked him in his dream...

 Friday 1/14/13: His first non-newborn outfit. *TEARS*

Friday 1/4/13: Doesn't seem to mind tummy time so much. What a change from Aiden & Nolan.

Friday 1/4/13: Enjoying after-school snack of fruit snacks on the beanbag chair
I brought up from the basement. Looks like it might become a permanent fixture of the living room.

Saturday 1/5/12: His smile makes me SO HAPPY :)

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  1. What adorable boys you have! Isn't it sad when they go up a size and you have to pack away those teeny tiny outfits?