Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Week (54) in Instagram

 Monday 1/14/13: Resized and rhodium-plated. Reunited and it feels so good! :)

Monday 1/14/13: It was a good cupcake. 
(You should have seen Nolan; no photo since I was sick on the couch)

Tuesday 1/15/13: Just over a month old and already in the Bumbo. Zoiks.

Tuesday 1/15/13: Ginger ale, tissues, soup. Or, how I spent most of my week with this damn cold.

Thursday 1/17/13: Smiley guy is six weeks old!!!

Saturday 1/19/13: After a long hiatus, monthly playdates have returned!

Saturday 1/19/13: Fifty-five-degree Saturday in January = enjoying an ice cream cone outside.

Saturday 1/19/13: Late-night funny faces :)

Sunday 1/20/13: Matching PJs!

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