Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stuff I'm Lovin'

This is kind of a hodge-podge list of stuff I've "discovered" in the past month. Bear with me :)
  • We don't have a whole lot of Valentine decorations (truth be told, it's never been my favorite holiday), so when I saw this on Pinterest, I figured, what the heck, I could give it a go. I actually really like how my version turned out:
  • The bestie gave me a late Christmas gift over the weekend. You can't get much more "us" than Ohio State BFF necklaces (Angie wears the I-O). I absolutely adore this!
  • In an effort to actually get the boys to eat dinners I make (or at least something other than buttered noodles for the upteenth night in a row), I've been hitting the internet for ideas. That again led me to Pinterest, and then to this lovely lady's blog:

         So far, the two recipes I've tried (Italian Sausage Goulash and Hummus and Turkey Pinwheels) have
         been winners, though I did substitute tomatoes for the roasted red peppers on the pinwheels. I'm 
         actually excited to try more recipes on her list!
  • And then there's this guy. I'm kind of in love with him, too. :)

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  1. I don't have any Valentine's Day decorations either. I might have to try that one, though, it looks really cute! Stamped jewelry is the best. Love the baby pic!