Sunday, January 6, 2013

One Month Old

My baby has been here for a month.


How the hell is that even remotely possible?! I swear I just peed on a stick last week, and suddenly I've got this month-old baby.

Since he's definitely the last child my womb will ever produce, I'm trying my best to soak up all his squishy newbornness, but December was not such a good month for lying low. No worries. I'm not back at work for another two months, and with our calendar calming down a bit, my weekdays will be mostly me and The Littlest.

So just as I did for Aiden & Nolan, here is your first monthly update post, complete with his 1st teddy bear ("Chewie," who Aiden & Nolan made for him at Build-A-Bear) for size comparison.

At one month, Justin:

 --is easily THE BEST sleeper of all three boys (at least at this stage). Since the day we brought him home, he has woken up once or twice overnight, eaten, and gone right back to sleep. And I really shouldn't jinx myself here, but he's slept 7-hour stretches twice in the past week. H-E-A-V-E-N-L-Y.

--is a very good eater, and an even better burper! Despite his small size, he sometimes scares me with the volume of his burps.
--has definitely gained weight; I'm quite interested to find out just how much after his official weigh-in at his one-month checkup tomorrow.
--has LOTS of nicknames: Magoo, Curly, J-Fresh, Monkey-Butt, Biggie Smalls, Munchkin, Littlest, etc., etc.
--does a fantastic job of alternating which side of his head he sleeps on. Both Aiden & Nolan had a bit of a flat head for awhile because they would ONLY lay on their right side, but Justin's noggin is still nice & round. Kudos for that.
--gives me bona fide smiles (as in not gas-related) already. I love the look of recognition in his eyes when he realizes who I am, too. MELT.

--DETESTS being naked, so he's not much of a fan of diaper changes or baths. We're working on it, though.
--has just the best, easy-going disposition (though you might not guess that from the photo above). Sure, he cries bloody murder once in awhile if I'm not quick enough to get him a bottle, but generally, he's just content to sit & observe.

So yeah. He's been just a dream of a baby so far, and we're enjoying every second of having him here! If only he would slow down, though...just a little...

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