Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Late-to-the-Party Resolutions

So I'm a bit late to post my fleshed-out resolutions for 2013. No apologies--I've just been really thinking this through since I didn't have much time to think in December. But now that the holidays are over, and the two older boys are back in preschool/daycare during the day, I've got a few stretches of me time during the littlest's intermittent naps.

Diving right in (no particular order):

1. Lose the extra baby pounds. And I'm talking ALL OF IT, folks. I've been lucky enough to shed everything I gained with Justin already (don't hate!), but I've still got a good 10 pounds from Aiden and 10 pounds from Nolan that have stuck around far too long. This goal is delayed for another two weeks until I've gotten the postpartum all-clear from my OB, but I'm itching to get started.

2. Get a better handle on our finances. I'm really proud to say I'm off to a good start on this one! I spent a good chunk of time yesterday constructing the shell of our 2013 budget. I was actually pleasantly surprised; I really think that with some careful planning and reigning in of frivolous spending, we can make a sizable dent in our debt this year. Not bad, especially considering we'll be paying daycare costs for THREE kids for six months!

3. Live in the moment. It's been a flaw of mine for years to not enjoy myself during both everyday life & special occasions because I'm already thinking about what's coming up next. I need to learn to slow down and enjoy the present, because if 2012 taught me anything, it's that tomorrow is NOT promised.

4. Give myself a break. Like, for serious. Mike often tells me I'm too hard on myself, and if I'm being completely honest with myself, I have to agree. I'm going to blame this on the whole Middle Child Syndrome thing (it ABSOLUTELY exists!). I'm considering posting a note on my bathroom mirror that reads "It's NOT A Competition" so I have a daily reminder to chill the hell out.

5. Love the heck out of my family. And by family, I mean the immediates, the extendeds, and the honoraries. Because in the end, they are THE ONLY THING that matters.

So there you have it. I hope to report back to you in about 362 days about all the success I had. :)

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  1. I like to use a dry-erase marker on my bathroom mirror for notes (I usually write down stuff I need to buy, though).