Thursday, January 24, 2013

Seven Weeks Down, Four to Go

Littlest is seven weeks old today. :)

As you can see, he's not exactly short on personality, either. Wish I could raise just the one eyebrow like that.

He's SUCH a fun baby. He continues to eat & sleep well, he's full of smiles, and he's starting to take an interest in his brothers. I love spending my days with him.

But Justin reaching the seven-week milestone also means I only have four weeks until I return to work.

Just as when I reached this point with the other two boys, I have mixed emotions about returning. Ideally, in an absolutely perfect world, yes, I would love to be a stay-at-home mom. 

This world is far from perfect, though, so that's not our reality.

Which is not to say I'm destroyed about going back to work, either. I took Mr. Magoo to the office for a visit yesterday, and it was SO nice to visit with folks I haven't seen since I (literally) ran out of the office two months ago.

There's something to be said for a being in adult atmosphere :)

The thing that makes me a bit nervous is the new routine of it all. Mike works long shifts a few days a week, so those days it's just me & all three boys in the evenings. I think I've been handling it pretty well (as I told Mike, it's not easy, but that doesn't mean it's bad), but then again, I've been home all day to take care of random household chores.

The transition to working 8 hours, then coming home with the brood to cook dinner, eat, clean (both the house & the boys), and play with the munchkins has me a bit on edge.

I want my time with the boys during the week to mean something; I want them to remember Mommy & Daddy as interacting with them in the evenings as opposed to frantically trying to do laundry while making dinner and running the bath at the same time.

You know, like this:

So it's on my mind. But I've got four weeks to figure it out.

Nothing like feeling rushed.

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