Sunday, July 6, 2008

An Aiden Quirk

This is definitely something I'm going to need to get a video of sometime so you'll know what I'm talking about, but I'll try to explain it anyways. For some strange reason that I can't quite figure out, Aiden LOVES when I say "I don't want no pacifier!" while shaking my head at him. He ALWAYS smiles--I'll even say it to him while he's asleep in my arms, and he smiles then, too! Just one of the crazy things about this kid I love. :)
I took some pictures tonight and just got waaaaaaaay too many cute ones--enjoy!!!


  1. He’s really getting those funny facial expressions down! The only question would be, is he going to have the “Cotter boys short temper” too? You’ll definitely have to get more videos of him Jeff likes to get on here and look since he’s missing out on the trip up north.

  2. He is just SO cute! All his little expressions crack me up! Especially the ones where he looks like he's really concentrating on something. Don't you wish you could hear the thoughts racing through his head?