Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm Getting Old

I did something this weekend that if you'd ask me ten years ago if I would do it, I would have laughed in your face--I went to my 10-year high school reunion. That's right, the good old LHS Class of '98 got together at Buck's Saturday night to reminisce and have a few beers. I knew I was taking a chance at reliving some of my high school insecurities, but ultimately the curiously factor was just too strong--I really wanted to see what some folks were up to since we left that sweltering gymnasium with our diplomas and entered the real world ten years ago.
Surprisingly, I had a great time!--despite the heat! It was SWELTERING in the banquet room and on the patio. There was actually a better turn-out than I had expected, too--I'd say about half of my class of 208 made an appearance. I really enjoyed talking to some folks I hadn't seen in awhile, like Emily (your husband was a sweetheart, and I can't wait for your little Lydia to arrive in a few months!), Tracy, and Danae. It was also great to hang out with folks I see more regularly, like Courtney & Claire. I'd also like to throw in a shout-out to Mike, who was wonderful enough to accompany me to the shin-dig, despite the fact that he'd only know one or two people--I really appreciate it sweetheart!
Will I go again in ten years? I'm not sure. For now, my curiosity has been satisfied, so I'll go back to living my life with Mike & Aiden and not worry so much about the purple & gold. :)

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